Book «Choose Yourself: How to Free your Personality and Create your World»

Книга «Выбери себя»

Have you ever considered that our lives are determined by just a few basic principles, and that our sensation of leading a full life, and the meaning, direction and achievements in our lives, as well as the quality of our relationships with others and the level of satisfaction that we feel with ourselves – that all of these factors are determined by these very same principles? Certainly, there is much that is complex in our lives, but the simplest truths seem to slip away from us under the pressure of manipulation and attitudes that come at us from every direction.

Despite humanity’s history of many thousands of years, we remain the deepest of mysteries to ourselves. Humanity as a whole and we as individuals have made great strides in our understanding of the world around us and in our conquest of nature: however, judging by the many societal and personal problems we encounter in our lives, humanity is no closer to living in harmony than was the case a century ago. It would seem that the dominant world religions should be able to channel the creative powers of humankind and to place us on the path to happiness, while, in fact, our lives up to now show just the opposite to be true. We are bogged down in conflict in so many different areas of our lives, whether these conflicts arise in our communication with others, or are a result of the confrontation between and even of the hatred among entire peoples. We are surrounded by a huge quantity of unhappy people; there are even entire countries that are unhappy. A tremendous number of people, if not the majority, live in a state of constant anxiety, insecurity, dependence on others, unconscious irritation and dissatisfaction with their lives.

It may be that you feel the need for a philosophical platform, but you have gotten lost among different religions, or under the influence of public opinion. As a result, you may have decided that you want to take nothing on faith, and that you prefer to figure things out for yourself. In that case, this book could be useful to you. It offers a philosophical platform for our times, for those who feel the need to achieve a deeper understanding of their beliefs and views, and who wish to do so not out of fear or due to the promise of eternal bliss, but rather because it is the right thing to do, because that is the way the world works. This book offers a set of tools that we can all take with us on our journey in order to control our own destiny. It helps us to free ourselves from the many varieties of manipulation and various theories that are foisted upon us by others in order to achieve their own ends. The book allows us to gain insight into our own guiding principles and values, and helps us to live our lives under conditions of uncertainty, to avoid anxiety and fear, and to feel that we are living our lives to the fullest.

However, even if you feel that your life is in perfect order, even if you are perfectly happy, and even if none of the above is relevant to you, perhaps this book will awaken you to a new way of looking at others and at humanity, and a new way of understanding the challenges which we all face; after all, the meaning of our lives and of the existence of humanity remain open questions.

In my search for answers to these questions, I have tried to consider humanity with detachment, from a distance, as an extraterrestrial civilization might. Though it is said that what is most important is most easily seen from a distance, we often seem to forget this. The world is changing so rapidly that soon we will all face global issues that will affect human civilization. Judging from the predictions of futurologists, radical changes in the structure of human society are set to take place during the lifetime of the next generation. The coming decades could fairly be considered to be the epilogue of humanity as we know it. Huge transformations await us in every aspect of our lives. I would like to share with readers my view on the evolution of humanity, which I believe helps us to understand each individual and their own destiny.

Other questions that I explore in this book and which I would like to share with you include:

  • Why can we never know ourselves, and why can we only choose ourselves?;
  • What is the most basic right of every human being that is given to us from birth?;
  • How can we define the center of a human being?;
  • What are the most important principles that influence our interpretation of what happens to us, and that offer us the best opportunity of experiencing happiness?;
  • What are the tools that we can all use in life?;
  • Is it possible for a non-believer to find God?;
  • How can a person establish a connection with God?;
  • What is the real meaning of heaven and hell for each of us?;
  • Why should you pray, even if you are not a believer?

I want for every reader to understand that there is nothing more practical in life than a well-assimilated set of basic life principles, and a clear understanding of ourselves and of where we are heading.

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