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Dear Friends,


Welcome and thank you for visiting this website about my philosophy of life and my music.

You may wonder how I can fit all this into one website; while it really just happened that way, it’s not entirely a coincidence.

Each of us creates our own world and our own personal environment in one way or another. There are those of us who make this choice consciously, and those who do so under the influence of others. Mine was a conscious choice, but it took me some time.

My book is a manifesto that I have created over a number of years as I have reflected on a philosophy for our times. I have endeavored to create a philosophical platform for those who do not want to take anything on faith, and who are trying to make sense of and to internalize the principles and rules that govern their lives.

My music is an important part of my life’s path; it reflects my understanding of harmony and of beauty. The art of composition is

much like science, involving as it does the discovery of laws of beauty. My music also offers the listener my view of the world; it’s another way of sharing my discoveries.

Our lives are just like works of art. We assemble the puzzle of our lives from many different pieces, combining a variety of elements. Each of us writes the composition that is our life. I cannot change everything around me, but what I can do is simply to try my best to improve the environment that I create, and to have a positive effect on my immediate environment.

My goal is to share my world with you. If my book helps you to be happier and to find answers to questions that have eluded you in the past, and if my music elicits intense emotions and offers you pleasant company throughout your day, then I will consider my mission to be complete.

Yours, Oleg Tumanov

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